Firstly, I am not a programmer, but felt the need to develop a Clivia Management Data Base at a decent price.

I developed it using Microsoft Access, but you do not need MS Access to run it. I packaged it with a standalone program.

A single entry point to allow you to keep a record of all your Clivias with photos in one easy to use package.
Allows you to view your collection quickly and easily.
Most fields have drop down lists which can be added to by you.
A search feature.
Fields for Species, Variegation Type, Cultivars, Watering, Fertilizer, Flowering, Pollenation, Greenhouse Journal, Seeds, Seedlings, parentage, notes and much more.

Clivia Base includes the following packages, all in one, free of charge:

Seed Base – To keep record of all your seeds, with photos
Seedling Base – To keep record of all your seedlings, with photos
Contact Base – To keep record of all your contacts and vendours
Event Base – To keep record of all meetings, events and shows
Web Base – To keep record of all your Clivia related Websites
Wish List – To keep track of all the plants you just have to have
Pollen Base – To keep track of all you stored pollen

Also includes a section on Types of variegation, Pests and a Clivia calandar

This is a must for all Clivia collectors. I built this to use for my own collection and would be lost without it
Suitable for Windows 2000 SP3 or later including Windows XP.
Screen size 1024 x 768. (otherwise you may need to scroll)

International buyers – I use to accept Paypal, but they don’t allow it for South Africa anymore…so you can post the cash, I will try to get PayPal sorted out.
Local buyers – I only accept cash or EFT.

Only $10 US , plus $9 International Shipping
Local R100, there is an optional R10 insurance option